Mr Spaceship I

and I was hoping when I finally see you
could you hold me to the light?
Let those beams shine in and through you
and let those beams shine through me, too
-Chad VanGaalen, Inside the Molecules

See, that's the thing about being psychic. We don't have it, and yet we think we understand it. I don't know about you, but I've read stories. Stories where the characters treat the mind more like a location than, well, a mind.

It's really not like that at all.


At Any Convenient Time

Seasons change with the scenery
Weaving time in a tapestry
Won't you stop and remember me
At any convenient time
-Simon & Garfunkel, A Hazy Shade of Winter

There are certain times in your life when you can't help but evaluate the choices you've made.
For most people, it's prompted by the inside of a jail cell, or a set of divorce papers, or the birds' eye view of the check-out line as it spirals around the side of the store because you forgot how to check for counterfeit notes. At times like that, a little part of your brain detaches itself from the situation at hand, shakes its head, and mutters 'Well, this is lovely. How the hell did it all get this way?'


Wasting time: or how much my moccasins hurt

It's a lot. I've got a meeting today. Generally it's at 10am, but they moved it up to 11am. In my idiocy I took the bus into campus at the normal time, so I've got time to waste. Hence the post.

There's really nothing going on here; only graduate orientation, which I've been avoiding like the plague. When I started, my advisor pulled a few strings to get me out of having to go through that nightmare so I could start working. Evidently at the University of X, you can't work/get ID/buy coffee for cheap w/o going through orientation.I love my advisor.

It brings me back to my undergrad orientation, back at X College. It was a week. A week of chilling with the homies in your 'assigned' group. They had activities planned, but they weren't 'mandatory', in that you had to go, but no one was taking a head count. Considering the college I went to, the entire thing dissolved into a tie-dye acoustic guitar potfest. I was horrified, considering that I was a naive and uptight egghead for most of my life until that point. After orientation, it pretty much stayed that way the entire year.

I've got a dilemma as far as book-things go. I'm writing my thesis on verb forms in middle english(briefest and least accurate explanation EVER) and I don't have enough money to buy all the books I need. I've had to narrow down my list FAR more than I feel comfortable doing. However, I'm reasonably sure I made a mistake when I ordered the books. Well, not a mistake. Not exactly. I'm just second-guessing myself. Everytime I stop thinking about things in general, my mind inevitably wanders to 'Oooh. Perhaps I should have gone with that book instead.' So to waste time before going to work, I took a walk down the street to the bagel shop near campus. My feet hurt. A gigantic sore on my ankle. Stupid moccasins.

Now I'm chilling out in the lobby of the main building for the school of Public Policy, which is near the Linguistics office. The graduate orientation has moved over to here and there's a gigantic classroom filled with orientees(do they call them orientees?). Now they're taking about printing funds. Poor orientees.

Ooh hey. It's 10:46. I'm going over to the office. TransistorRobot out. That doesn't have nearly as good a ring to it on paper as it does in my head. 

NOTE: Ok. Where the hell is the piano music coming from? 


Liars and Cowards

gone are the days bonfires make me think of you
looks like the prophecy came true
you are a fallen tree, he is a fallen tree
how old are you, no, how old are you?
Sunset Rubdown-Silver Moons

"There's three reasons why you won't shoot me." She holds up a hand lazily and begins counting off on her fingers. "One, I'm unarmed. You may be a lot of things, but you'd never shoot someone unarmed point-blank. You're not nearly as much of a cold-hearted killer as you'd like to me to think you are. Two, you don't want the sound of the blast tipping anyone off. And for good reason, they are under orders to take you alive or dead, which I'm sure you already knew."





Logic: You've got that meeting tomorrow. That meeting where you're supposed to have things to show them. 

Brain: B..but fanfiction!

Logic: Do I even need to tell you how ridiculously childish that is?

Brain: Hey, I had this really cool idea for a one-shot...


Soldier's Grin

You're earning your stripes, you're counting your stars
You're winding your barely-working watch
You're lucky to be on the lam like you are
You're lucky you've already been caught

-The New Pornographers, Unguided

What can you do? She's gone. Of course you knew it'd always happen, and some part of you that sounds rather like your daughter says it probably should have happened long ago. But no matter. She's gone, and it hurts. It's a bit of a good hurt, though.

She's doing the only thing she's ever wanted to do. You know because you saw her, one night when the world was being saved, and she was happy. Happier than you've ever seen her. So how could you be upset?

It's just where she is that bothers you sometimes. Well, all the time. Mainly because you don't actually know.


Chapter One, Part Three: In Which Television Shows are Briefly Discussed

"Time Lord?" Megan Dewey scoffed as she was dragged through a small field by a well-dressed Asian woman, whose name, by the way, was Kimberly Kaminaga. "You people are insane. You're like crazy arsonist Doctor Who fans who think the show's real! You're going to end up on the news or something. The headlines'll be like "SCI-FI FANS GO NUTS ON SCIENCE LAB, HUNDREDS DEAD"! And they'll think I'm part of it, cause I'm quiet. Everyone knows it's the quiet smart ones who snap and burn things down!"